A giant hole has been found in the Canadian wilderness.

cave (click here for original source image)

It is believed that the hole is more than 100 feet deep and could be several hundred years old. The latest news is that a recent expedition found the largest rock formation in North America, which could be several hundred thousand years old.

The latest big discovery in Canada is…

A new study claims to have found evidence that the Universe is composed of a “web” of dark matter, which is preventing the formation of stars.

the milky way
the milky way (click here for original source image)

The Universe is so big that it would be impossible for smaller-sized cluster to have formed, and a smaller cluster would therefore not be able to form if there was not a web for it to form through. The astronomers say that if this is true then it means that…

NASA is seeking to build a WIFI network on the Moon.

moon satellite
moon satellite (click here for original source image)

The plan is part of NASA’s plan to send astronauts to explore the Moon and Mars in the future. The system would allow people to stay in touch while they are outside on the Moon or Mars. Many on board even have access to the Internet and possibly cell-phone service…

The latest inventions in deep sea diversifying removals has led to the creation of a twenty thousand pound implantable plastic raft capable of removing twenty thousand pounds of solid waste from the Pacific Ocean.

beach trash
beach trash (click here for original source image)

This amazing breakthrough marks the first use of such an innovative material as part of a seaweed and trash removal system. The transpacific marine recycling initiative has taken a new step forward by allowing such a massive removal capability via the incorporation of this innovative technology. …

Scientists have long been puzzled after finding a mysterious radio signal shooting out from the edge of the Milky Way, which they believe is coming from a planet beyond our solar system.

milky way
milky way (click here for original source image)

While many astronomers time and again detect strange new phenomena appearing from the inner solar system, the group of Australian researchers have remained relatively unconvinced of their latest finding. The research, which was published in Nature on 5 July, did not set the world on fire. …

Recycling waste concrete is becoming the latest trend, both for the environment and businesses.

cement slab
cement slab (click here for original source image)

It may seem like an unnecessary effort to try to clean up the mess left behind in landfills, but today’s technology and state-of-the-art machinery mean that concrete can be recycled much more cheaply than ever before. …

Josh Griffin from Winnipeg is raising funds to construct plastic homes for Humanity.

architect building home
architect building home (click here for original source image)

As you know, Canada has been having their work cut out for them lately with the recent cancellations of the country’s carbon markets. With that, they may be left with virtually no other choice but to build new homes themselves. But, fortunately, there is an excellent solution to this dilemma…

Coral reefs play an important part in our lives, they provide habitat for fish and other sea life, support a wide variety of marine life, and provide a background for many natural tourist attractions.

coral reefs at risk
coral reefs at risk (click here for original source image)

The World Wildlife Fund has recently calculated that coral reefs could potentially decline by as much as thirty percent over the next two decades, with the largest declines seen in the Eastern Caribbean and the Pacific Ocean. …

Well, NASA has been planning for years a mission to crash a spacecraft on an asteroid to change its orbit and hopefully steer it away.

redirecting asteroid
redirecting asteroid (click here for original source image)

I t seems that the US may finally get their wish, there had been reportedly ideas leaning towards approval of a space rock smashing exercise. The latest news revolves around a piece of technology that would enable astronauts to land a small craft onto an asteroid and steer it out-of-the-way.

The famous scientist and inventor Albert Einstein once said “The change of one tiny step can make a world of difference.”

Albert Einstein statue
Albert Einstein statue (click here for original source IMG)

This quote is often quoted by those who know or admire him best. After his death, this famous saying was made even more poignant as people realized the scale and impact that this great man had on the world. …

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