Satellites can be viewed from space and this is the latest discovery which is causing excitement among oceanography experts.

plastic in the ocean
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A research team from of the National Oceanography Center (NOON) at University of Hawaii has succeeded in imaging the Oceans and finding that it is composed of 70% plastic waste, 20% fish, and about 10% dead coral reefs. This research was published in Nature Communications on 7 July 2021. Other than that, this study has also been featured in many news websites and even in some daily newspapers.

The plastic in the ocean has a major effect on its composition and the global warming crisis has just made things worse because most of the plastics are produced by factories. The…

Volcanoes are responsible for releasing and removing atmospheric carbon dioxide from the earth.

erupting volcano
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It is estimated that a volcano can release up to 20 times more carbon dioxide than the earth’s atmosphere. The amount of gases emitted or removed depends on a number of factors. Some of them are the size of the volcano, the type of the volcano, the amount of lava produced, the amount of silt caused by the eruption and the type of soil and vegetation in the area.

Scientists are constantly monitoring volcanoes to determine the amount of emissions being produced. They also study the effects of the emissions on the environment. …

Pulling water from thin air is as old as the hills.

catching rain

It’s a necessary service for agriculture, industry, homes, and the general public. The latest model involves small satellite-guided vehicles that hover over fields and wait for moisture laden clouds to drop down and start a drop off. A special device called a moisture sensor is used in these precision timing situations to pull up water from the sky or the ground. These precision timed maneuvers happen seconds apart.

There are three main technologies being used to pull water from thin air. They are the vittori, zero mass water | pull | wfa | soil} The victory is a device that…

Have you ever wondered can trees feel pain and if so, how?

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When you think of photosynthesis, which is the process by which plants convert sunlight into energy, you probably think of green leaves and stems bending down to take the sunlight. This is the process that plants use to turn light into oxygen.

Oxygen is vital to living, whether in the water or on land. Without oxygen, a plant’s survival is at risk. Plants get this oxygen from the sun through their photosynthesis process. Photosynthesis is also what causes the Earth to rotate, but plants also release oxygen from the air through respiration. In fact, all living things need oxygen.


My historic return to platforms like medium, just cause?…

Make no mistake, I still have my gripes about sites like these. But, it doesn’t mean I wasn’t tuning in out of curiosity. One thing I have noticed despite my retirement of this platform is my follower count rising. It’s very little here and there but it’s still better than where it was months ago. When I was literally feeling like I was writing for a ghost town.

Now, I’m not sure if updates have provided better solutions to better the site for writers these days.

If that’s the case then I wouldn’t mind returning to Medium.

So long, as…

As I have come to the conclusion that this 3rd party application has no benefits other than to serve itself. For those of you that I have had the pleasure to briefly chat with, thank you for the exchange. Moving forward all of my articles will only be hosted on my site and dot coms. As I prefer not to be limited by anymore gatekeepers and will only be using this place as a form of promotion moving forward.

In other words, expect excerpts and descriptions/read more rather than full fledged content.

So, all topics provided by me will now…

I recently dealt with trigger finger myself from 6 months ago from weight lifting and over using vice grips and carrying heavy bags at my job. With all of that I was foolish enough to add a new form of weight training for the forearms that eventually backfired, As one day I just woke up with trigger finger and it didn’t go away from trying to rehab it to recovery through movement. I tried seeing if maybe it was a muscle reflex gone wrong that I could work through with training. …

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Today, the leading social networking site is rumble video. Rumble video has taken the internet by storm. This is why it is one of the top rated sites in every search engine on the internet. People are flocking to this site all over the world. But not everyone knows how to make money with rumble video hosting.

So, what is rumble video Platform? How does it compare to You Tube? Why is rumble the hottest video platform on the internet today? What makes it so special? …

What is going on lately?

It is now March 3rd 2021, and we are still in a questionable climate. Despite the previous year being as bad as it was. Predicting the storm settling any time soon would seem redundant. With those concerns come people doing what they can to get by. While others prepare for the future in anyway, they can whether that includes investing in Doge Coin or Bitcoin. This seems to apply to everything across the board these days. Including big businesses considering the fall out of the whole game stop fiasco.

But it got people talking and seemed to even catch eye…

CreepyPasta With Cheese: Paranormal Side Of Amityville In 2020

The Overview

Of all the paranormal and horror stories that we hear of in the world today. The Amityville horror story is one of the most bizarre and disturbing incidents to occur in American history.

Spawning over two films and a book based on these real-life events. After two families were deeply affected by the inexplicable actions of Ronald DeFeo JR in 1974. An auto body shop employee who was identified as a troubled drug riddled youth due to a hostile father being overbearing of his family of 7.

Unfortunately, he would be the only surviving member of this family…

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