As of today I will be officially retiring medium

As I have come to the conclusion that this 3rd party application has no benefits other than to serve itself. For those of you that I have had the pleasure to briefly chat with, thank you for the exchange. Moving forward all of my articles will only be hosted on my site and dot coms. As I prefer not to be limited by anymore gatekeepers and will only be using this place as a form of promotion moving forward.

In other words, expect excerpts and descriptions/read more rather than full fledged content.

So, all topics provided by me will now only be found in full exclusively on and

Feel free to subscribe there if you can be found on platforms like wordpress dot com. As I will not continue to provide any content to this site in full capacity until it is fixed and actually finds a happy “medium” between readers and writers.

Anything posted here will now be for marketing purposes only. As I have now switched the role of provider to promoter of my content.

Farewell till then and hope to see some of you on my side of things.

Writer / Illustrator / Creator for more info look me up on twitter! Mainly a novel writer but I also write critical and scary content for fun 😁