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CreepyPasta With Cheese: Paranormal Side Of Amityville In 2020

The Overview

Of all the paranormal and horror stories that we hear of in the world today. The Amityville horror story is one of the most bizarre and disturbing incidents to occur in American history.

Spawning over two films and a book based on these real-life events. After two families were deeply affected by the inexplicable actions of Ronald DeFeo JR in 1974. An auto body shop employee who was identified as a troubled drug riddled youth due to a hostile father being overbearing of his family of 7.

Unfortunately, he would be the only surviving member of this family and given 6 life sentences for a random act of violence against them.

But what followed in the investigation and courtroom is what made this case stand the test of time. As Ronald’s confession was imbued with admission of paranormal involvement. But not after first trying to convince authorities that he was forced into his actions by outside influence. Claiming people broke into his home and made him take up arms against his family. This alibi unfortunately would only fall apart under scrutiny and pressure. So, he admitted to what to he had done and took full responsibility for his actions.

Only his time, he told the investigators that there were voices in his head that influenced him.

However, a psychiatrist debunked this statement revealing that Ronald had no personality disorder of any kind and instead only possessed an anti-social personality disorder. Leading to his conviction in court after it was also revealed that he just did not think what he did was wrong. Despite this outcome there are theories of another party’s involvement but little to no evidence to support it. Unless the involvement was based on DeFeo’s final statement in that the devil made him do it.

One would think this is as bizarre as this case gets until specific details of the discovery of the family leave investigators baffled. As it was revealed that no sign of struggle was found in any of the findings which could not be blamed on the incident taking place while they were asleep. Also, no sounds of fire could be heard around the area by both neighbors and family themselves. Except for a barking dog while it was revealed to have taken place in a span of 15 minutes.

The most troubling revelation being that the entire family were all found faced down in their beds.

The Paranormal Side

A year later, the Amityville house was put up for sale again and purchased by the Lutz family for 80k despite the property’s horrible backstory. Feeling as if the price range made the home a steal for the amenities the colonial based house provided. While also disconnecting history and home never expecting to experience what had transpired when they moved in. Which became the story that gave rise to the films and book written by Jay Anson simply titled “The Amityville Horror”. Based on hauntings that first began with what was described as a bad personality change of the father and husband George Lutz.

Followed by the fact that he would awaken at 3:15 am every night which was the very time frame the DeFeo incident took place.

One night while outside George witnesses something that would chill anyone to their bones. As his daughter was seen standing in her window with an outline of a pigface being standing behind her. Believing she was in trouble he had run back in the home to help her only to find her sound asleep. One would think it was probably delusions brough about the lack of sleep he was experiencing in the home. Until his daughter mentioned having a new imaginary friend named Jody that was described as having a pig face.

The following experience that would haunt him is witnessing his wife age as if she were 90 years old while looking down at her sleeping in bed. While Kathy may have not experienced this firsthand it was revealed that even her own mother witness this affect on her when visiting. Describing her as being a whole other person when it happened. Validating another experience that could have been chalked up to a bad case of insomnia. As George would lose sleep after awakening to the 3 AM time zone every night they were there.

Other typical supernatural experiences would then occur in the home like doors opening, closing, and being ripped off the hinges. But it gets crazier like finding a room full of flies while cold outside, cloved footprints outside the home and even unexplained oozing on the walls. They had even come to find a hidden red painted room in the basement of the home that was not included in the houses design. Only large enough to fit two people close together which also possessed a bad odor. To make matters worse the family dog would not dare enter that area despite influence.

Which was against the usual behaviors of their pup.

Another night incident found George awakening to the sound of a band playing downstairs from his room. When checking to see what it was, he found furniture had been moved and the rug rolled up as if space were needed for a performance. It was then when the family decided to bring in a priest to survey the home for any problems. To their surprise the priest verified experiences during his visit to the house both physically and visually. In the book it is described as feeling flu like symptoms when interacting with the family and a moment where he hears a voice yelling for him to “get out”. It would be this 3rd party encounter that would inspire the author to write the “Amityville Horror” book.

It only took 28 days for the Lutz family to finally call it quits on the home and abandon it entirely. Leaving all their belongings as if to dis-attach themselves entirely from the experience. As the previous night was too scary for them to endure any more paranormal encounters. So, the next morning they finally gave in and fled the area never to return. Leaving their personal items to be auctioned off when the home would be placed on the market again. Which George described as something they would never know what they would leave behind they would never see again in an interview.

When the book was finally released in 1977, people questioned the books authenticity. Feeling as if there were too many coincidences between the parallels of things happening with families economically, media of the time and the family in the story. However, it seemed it was just chalked up to the writer wanting the story to be more modernized for readers sake. As modern tropes of hauntings in entertainment were popular at the time. Allowing it to be the perfect time for it to become as popular as it did.

The Reality

Imagine that there were some bizarre incidents that even took place with this side of the story. As weird experiences outside of the home happened involving manuscripts and early readers of the book. Strange experiences that happened to the families of these readers and a fire that broke out in a car carrying the manuscript to a publisher. Another case involved a car possessing a copy of the manuscript that was found completely dry in the trunk after the car was completely consumed in water. Followed by a few more unfortunate things that happened to people while in possession of this.

Feel free to take your research even further to see what you find or watch the films as they are said to be very in tune with the actual Amityville Horror events that took place.

However, there are iterations that explain the paranormal involvement of these incidents in their own unique perspective for the sake of viewer experience. Like saying the house, itself was the actual entity that caused these horrible things to happen. Which could be the furthest thing from the truth as these experiences have apparently seemed to stop with the Lutz family. As the home on ocean avenue in New York was owned by 4 different families peacefully since that story. With the last sale being in 2017 at the price range of 605k down from the previous value of 950k in 2010.

Which makes the paranormal encounters of the Lutz family questionable. Unless there was perhaps something in the home itself that was cursed and sent away at auction without the knowledge of the sellers. Something that is common in the paranormal sense as there are many stories that tackle the premise of cursed or spiritually attached objects. There is also the famous photo of the ghost child taken in the Amityville house. Photography that was analyzed and verified by professionals as being authentic and potentially the closest thing to an actual spirit being caught on camera.

In 2020, it appears that the paranormal side of this story had been debunked (Including the ghost photo).

Almost as if it’d never happened. But, what do you believe?

Written by Antonio Westley

Writer / Illustrator / Creator for more info look me up on twitter! Mainly a novel writer but I also write critical and scary content for fun 😁

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