Creepy Pasta with Cheese: The Bloop

Throwback article written on 6/1/2016

2nd Edition

Creepy Pasta with Cheese: The Bloop

If there is one thing, I am fascinated with is the mystery of the sea. As I may have referenced before in my Megalodon article most of the ocean is still deemed unexplored. Meaning, mankind still cannot be accurate with this even with all the technology currently at our disposal. I am sure this may change soon with air tanks making a breakthrough where divers can remain under water for hours. But currently, we are still shrugging our shoulders in curiosity.

It was not long ago that the Kraken was discovered which was a monster of the sea that swallowed ships whole. Which was nothing more than the largest octopus ever recorded and now considered a reality. So, who knows what other giants of the seas lurk beneath the massive steep ocean?

Now, I am not going to go as far as that whole Loch Ness monster deal simply because I feel it is just the Bigfoot of the sea. But what if I told you there was something even larger out there?

Something with prehistoric origin forgotten by this modern age.

Because back in the 90’s there was a moment when ships were able to pick up a sound in the ocean called The Bloop. Where a massive sound was being emitted from an unknown source way too far out for detection. The strange sound only lasted for moments at a time but was considered unorthodox since only blue whales were capable of such a feat. Any marine biologist can tell you that, but some blame the massive sound on falling ice striking the ocean floors. However, the final verdict was that the sound could only be generated by a biological species many times the size of a blue whale.

Which has held the title for largest animal / mammal on this planet from past or present.

Unfortunately, The Bloop was never heard from again leaving it a mystery till this day. But there are some who like to play around with google maps these days and show some unusual movement in the ocean. The kind of nature giants possess potentially supported by many bizarre cases of boats going missing or abandoned ships being created.

Who knows if one of these massive creatures may have been involved?

After all it was not long ago when a great white shark that was being tracked throughout the world was revealed to have been swallowed whole.

But perhaps that ultimate truth will have to wait for now. I am confident we will have those answers soon enough. Especially with the Giant Florida alligator but for now I would stay away from the deep ocean if I were you.

Written by Antonio Westley

2020 Update: If you were curious about when the shark incident happened. The science project was held in Australia back in 2003. Scientists were tracking a nine-foot sharks where a bouts for the first time in history. Not only were they surprised by the locations they were recording, but suddenly the tracker became an issue.

When they found out what happened they theorized that the shark had to be eaten whole. Either by a whale or something else.

Links are available below on both the bloop and the mystery of the lost great white shark

Shark Source

Bloop Source

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