Creepy pasta with cheese: Vampires may be more real than we thought

Throwback article written back in 2017

3rd Edition

Creepy pasta with cheese: Vampires may be more real than we thought

Once upon a time there was a film called Twilight written by a critically acclaimed newbie author whose name shall not be mentioned. Which literally set the tone for future story arcs that would follow in its footsteps for years to follow. Creating interest worldwide while at the same time simply making Vampires oh…just Circus O’ Lame. But that is just my take on that genre these days and you can’t blame someone after growing up with the likes of the vampire films of old.

Only if, I could avoid such a saturated topic with all the shows and movies that has been made about it.

But since my imagination would not allow me to avoid writing a novel of vampires myself. Then it just seemed right to tackle the subject a little bit. Especially, with a couple of findings that I am sure is daily talk for the web.

For starters, were you aware that the original OG Vamp Dracula stems from a real-life person?

Apparently, History shows that Drac was a king that came from Transylvania and known for very cruel acts in his time. So much so that he got the name for building up a thirst like the vamps we know today.

Hard to believe that the most recognized vamp name had a real rep to add to his resume, huh?

Of course, @RealDracula was a human no less with vampire like tendencies rather than floating around on air and being all immortal and stuff. Which brings me to the second interesting thing that vamp fans must be chatting about over brunch. Now, I am not sure how many of you remember a mainstream show called Tyra which featured the former model Tyra Banks. Well, years ago for Halloween she decided to do something interesting by featuring potentially real Vampires on her show.

There were a few people who showed up to that episode and revealed how vamps came in variety.

A couple of them featured the original and one who claimed they fed off energy. So, in other words an energy vamp which is too easy to rebrand if you just replace the V with an L.

The original has appeared on discovery channel while offering scientists to do research on his anatomy. Because they found it bizarre that he has 0 percent body fat which they scaled him on both shows. Which if you do not know is not humanly possible but for some reason this science friendly vampire is able to pull it off. You would be surprised how many people are not aware of this story so it may be worth looking up because who knows if it has been debunked by now. I mean this is the same channel that created lost tapes.

A show that was revealed by viewers to be fake. Especially, after attempting to project footage of a megalodon attack on a boat.

Reality TV’s to blame I am telling you!

Lastly, just a few years back there was a video that went around showing some random person walking out of a sneaker store. But when he walked past a mirror, he had no reflection and it was caught on the store camera. Some say this was also debunked as being footage for some show or something but if you look this up you will surely see how convincing this clip is. It would certainly have anyone scratching their head despite CGI being the culprit.

Still, you would be surprised how many people do not know about these stories even though a mainstream show like Tyra made note of this topic.

However so, the wonders of the world are still a big place and may be changing everyday as we know it. So, my theory is, why not in the modern one!

Written by Antonio Westley

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