Hello my name is Antonio Westley and I’m new to Medium but not to writing!


irst off,

I’d like to say that it’s great to finally find a place online where both readers and writers can enjoy themselves. It’s not every day that creativity gets rewarded online, regardless how that may be defined. This platform seems to embrace that wholeheartedly and I for one (in my own form of expression) — am here for it.

Usually, when giving an over view of myself to the public I keep things simple in my bio like: “Writer / Illustrator / Creator and for more info look me up on Twitter”. To which, I won’t stop anyone if they are curious on what’s this guy is all about. However, I figured I could be broader on a site that would better understand me and what I do.

So no, I am not an Instagram model even though you may have been thinking that due to my profile pic (Not that I haven’t tried). But I have been writing since 200 and 6 which is roughly around 14 years ago. Which consisted of piles of book drafts, bookmarked concepts, failed ideas, failed blogs and music that was never heard. Can’t tell you how many songs I’ve written that I have sitting around because I’ve never had the tools to make those tunes a reality.

It is literally, the bane of my existence, and even strays me away from what I was born to do till this day, and that’s Write.

Guess it’s hard to break habits when things like that are the starting point that led you to what you love. Because even though I despise the fact that my interest in music has not left me, it has been the bridge between my first written work as a child and what would become my passion in life. It’s not easy being the person that can do that, that, that and even more of that.

And without structure, having that mindset can make ideas consistently topple over one another (Any over the top creative mind would understand this).

I used to blame this on coming from my hard and humble beginnings in NYC. That managed to keep me humble while still falling on hard times. But who isn’t these days, I know that much? But where exactly did that leave me in 2000 and 20?

Well, in a relative sense, dreaming that this would be my year like a lot of people were. But currently, facing a questionable future now that my employment has been affected like many others during this crisis. Which has essentially led me back to my creative space but with my head faced down. It’s a revelation I am not comfortable sharing because I’m the stand strong type.

The one who tells you if you go down, then HELL, you go down swinging!

But that guy, that person,…with all that is going on…is probably starting to wonder if there is really any top to that uphill battle. I mean, ask me ten years ago if things would get any better and I’d say it has too. Today, with good news being stripped bone dry, the feeling of despair in the world and the wisdom to see where things may be going leaves me quieter than ever.

But fortunately, I am good for now and will try to acknowledge every day I’m lucky to have. We all should, so, I suppose all we can do is just keep treading along until it reveals itself, if it ever does. Because it’s probably foolish to lose ourselves in things that we may never have control over. I read enough history books to see that cursive writing on the wall.

And so, it reads: Kings, queens, knights, the fool and the servants

I mean, even as a kid in class I saw that and knew that things haven’t really changed in a modern sense. But it really, really, REALLY sucks to still see it that way as an adult. It doesn’t mean I don’t wish for better days; I just know that in order to get there we must start by giving a damn. I don’t get my rocks off on superhero movies and leave the experience at the theater.

I remember Stan Lee’s best cameos when he said, “I guess one person can make a difference, enough said” and the famous “Make love not war” line. But try and ask others who watched if they remember and see what response you get. Those are the societal norms that I tend to find troubling but that’s just me rambling and venting during an unbearable time period.

Feeling paralyzed to do anything isn’t helping either even if they say staying home is.

(Damn you Netflix and various streaming platforms, I’ve lost my chill)

Besides, every older person before us has done the same with the whole “When I was younger it was this way and now this sucks” ordeal. But that’s it, that’s enough, IT’S OVER, I digress…

I apologize for that, but like I wrote earlier in this post, ya getting to know me in a broad sense here. (Oh snap hand wave gesture)

Creatively speaking, I’ve written a lineup of novels, novellas, and a plethora of handwritten outlined composition books of an anime I hope will get made someday. Sadly, I have been both too reluctant and distracted by life to make this come to life. On a brighter note it has led to some newer ideas and cool takes that would have robbed it of its quality. So, anyone that tells you that you take too long to release things probably also believes Rome WAS built over night.

Because great and MEMORABLE art should never be rushed.

I know that now, and if I’m lucky, If I live to see the day. The entirety of my work upon completion can be released in timely fashion without its quality being affected by demand. To which, I can only build on from there and maybe even have Medium as a home of sorts to help during that journey.

Either way, the structure I sought as a writer could have never been effective without a proper platform.

So, after many years of disappointments and endless searching. My quest to find that place has finally landed me here. On a site that is really devoted to connecting writers and readers. Not for the sake of competition, petty challenges and contests either. It’s a place I hope to call home in a creative sense moving forward. I only hope to find my place here and not get lost in the shuffle.

(Cause otherwise I’d be looked at as a poser)

To which I leave you with, as writers we do what we love cause we can even if we aren’t rewarded with a JK Rowlings Billion Dollar lifestyle. Not that it’s much a plateau these days, relatively speaking.


What can be expected from me down the road. Well, I make videos, illustrations, music, considering podcasting, and if you haven’t heard already, I write!!!

Stay safe, please wash thy hands and take care.

Written by Antonio Westley

“Hello again”!

Writer / Illustrator / Creator for more info look me up on twitter! Mainly a novel writer but I also write critical and scary content for fun 😁