Never felt valued since I enjoyed months back. Felt like writing for crickets at times and it’s like the followers you gain aren’t even aware you posted something. Not to mention I gained more followers when I was inactive. I also have a following online and feel like it was even pointless to reach them with the medium paywall format. These were my gripes so I am using a more hands on approach by using alternatives.

It really seems like the best writers can do here is write for publications cause building a following here is pointless. You’d figure that work at the minimum for independent writers. Now it seems this logo is an expression of that disconnection. I remember reading the update stating with the new logo came new changes that would help with that. However, I have seen no articles discussing any improvement in that arena.

So, until they fix this I am just playing the sidelines and doing my own thing. I feel like being more hands on with a blog is better suited for those who just want to write. At lease you’d have the support of plug-ins to help boost exposure online. I mean, apparently medium is search engine friendly, however unless readers are medium members it wouldn’t make a dent in earnings. For that get ya own blog, write what you want and have your own paywall or membership and earn more with ads from 3rd party readers.

Thats just my take but feel free to update me if there has been any improvement.

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