People were already leaving New York and the pandemic just amplified this. But what exactly would the city come back too?

- Unaffordable living?

- Future Plans that in theory might have catered more to traveling students than its own residents?

- Classism?

- Gentrification?

Since you owned a comedy club, here’s something worth noting. Jerry Seinfeld claimed tough New Yorkers will bring this city back. Translation: It may fall on the less fortunate to pick up the pieces and hand it back over to the fortunate when things are better again. Well off people who got to experience the best this city had to offer and probably ran for the hills the second things got tough.

Landlords who still try to cater to a student market that no longer exist instead of adapting and realizing essential workers are now the new market here. It’s just that it’s no longer convenient to continue the over take this city was experiencing. Culture that was already in jeopardy and went as far as actually trying to rebrand Harlem itself at point in time. So no, maybe New York will never rebound to what it once was.

But is that so bad considering all of this?

Perhaps, it becomes something new and takes a different direction that more people world wide can have access too for a change. Roads that could reinforce the culture that made this city great in the first place. If anything keeps New York alive it’s definitely going to be that. It’s unfortunate what this state has faced in the past year. But to say it’s dead forever, is to say that version of it is probably gone for good.

It all depends on the people and how we handle this moving forward. So far, I go out and I still see masks everywhere. That’s despite the order from the higher ups claiming they may not reinforce this. So I am confident the residents of New York will fight this tooth and nail. But the question still remains, what happens if things get better when all of this is finally behind us?

Is it business as usual or do the tough New Yorkers get a say in what happens moving forward?

Especially, since we stood behind in the fox hole and didn’t run off for convenience sake.

Writer / Illustrator / Creator for more info look me up on twitter! Mainly a novel writer but I also write critical and scary content for fun 😁

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