Personally speaking, on one hand curation changes appears to remove some power from writers to control their narrative on this platform. However, it’s probably for the best in terms of those who use such purposes to create endless articles about earnings and clickbait. Especially, if they truly care for readers and those who pay for subscriptions. I know I wouldn’t want to be on a site where I pay for content and see that kind of crap over and over again.

It always seemed be favored over more creative content.

So, on one hand it’s great that they are putting quality content to the forefront. But on the other, writers could be writing endlessly to feed a platform that may never even look their way. I mean, it makes this place more colder, riskier and lonelier than ever. Unless, the quality of content is actually favored for a change and allows earnings to flourish based on that alone.

If so, then writing could actually be fun for a change on medium. Which should be done freely with out having to worry about schematics. Things that the platform could be helping with behind the scenes. Like a sort of help me and I’ll help you kind of deal. Which is a great formula for finally molding this place to fit its supporters.

What say you?

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