Top 5 Web Host Suggestions For 2020

Top 5 Web Host Suggestions For 2020

ately as I google web hosting for web host providers and best web hosting for small businesses. It was to launch a couple of domains I have bought out for the sake of future projects. One including an animation series called The Struggle that could be complimented with its own site. With that said, I figured why not see if my own name was available for purchase as well. To my surprise, while looking it up as a dot com, many URL search sites had revealed it was not available. Making it seem as if the internet has become so bloated that website names have just become more and more rare.

So, for anyone who takes their name seriously and considers it the strength of their brand it is probably worth considering owning that dot com before it is bought out.

As there have been cases where people who do not are forced to dispute that in daunting legal fashion. With one case literally being brought before congress to claim ownership of their name online as a dot com (which is still considered the best URL to have)

But I figured since I have been spending the last few weeks researching this, why not share what I have learned along with some web host’s I personally have dealt with for somewhat years.

So here are my top 5 web host suggestions for 2020

1- Dream Host (paid)


· Sales are provided on domain purchases with one currently as low $7.99 without additions

· Unlimited S S L and domain registry at $6.95 a month with single purchase of yearly plan with a free URL domain name (meaning a dot com or what’s available as a subdomain) when signing up valued at an annual $84 — $90 a year along with monthly options and even less per year if registering for a 3 year period.

· Provides unlimited emails

· Option for cheaper annual but limited to one URL domain at $3.95 a month with no free email option

· 24/7 customer support and can change plans at anytime

· (Rare) Affiliate options are available to help with costs of hosting with earnings up to $200

· Domains that are purchased through Dream Host have extra purchase option for security and privacy add on

· Preinstalled WordPress option and blog migration

· Unlimited traffic meaning no concerns of overages with 100 percent uptime and potential cap at up to 200,000 monthly visitors

· Depending on if domain name is considered special (high traffic) or not a dot com can average to around just $12 per URL compared to others which can go into the 100’s or even thousands of dollars


· Monthly plans do not include free domain option

· Not clear on amount of S S D storage allowed meaning web space

· Needs optional $3 a month add on called Dream Shield that scans for malware and monitors blacklisting of search engines

· Servers are US based only

(I am currently considering this as a viable option for my sites for the unlimited site registry option)

2- Infinity Free (free)


· Free Unlimited web hosting and S S L security certificate with WordPress Dot Org opt install

· Simple integration of software for new website

· Forum is available for customer support

· 90–100 percent uptime for websites hosted on platform

· Free subdomain is available for members


· Considered a start from scratch host where software and plugins for website must be manually installed by admin

· No 24/7 support only the forum for free option

· Website security issues fall completely on admin who holds all bearing responsibility in any potential issues that could occur for visitors.

(Still considered top free option with over 300,000 users worldwide but probably for those who are tech savvy and do not require additional assistance with site protections)

(Was seriously considering this as an option until reading the terms which placed too much responsibility on the admin which is something to seriously consider with all the new GDPR compliance rules placed on websites these days)

3- Blue Host (paid)


· At $5.95 a month admins are allowed unlimited websites registration

· Extremely fair and accurate URL purchase as other domain sites price gauges for a Dot Com along with lack of search accuracy (apart from dream host)

· Has unmetered web space and bandwidth

· Provides free S S L certificate

· Email accounts are limited to 5 on the cheapest plan

· $200 marketing included to help with site traffic and S E O

· Free domain for the first year

· Provides 24/7 support for any issues regarding the website

· Easy WordPress installation

· Special customer support available

· (Rare) Also Has affiliate program to help with host costs


· Just a few more dollars more expensive than Dream Host for best plan with less features

· Only provides standard performance regardless the plans

· No free domain option other than 25 free subdomains that are unlimited on higher priced plans

· It is $13.95 a month for extra things like site backup, domain privacy protection and dedicated IP

· Not clear on extras they provide on plan page

(Seems more geared towards eCommerce stores)

4- WordPress Dot Com (free/paid)


· Easy Access to WordPress app which allows access to WordPress community for easy subscribers build

· Access to many plugins to enhance site in terms of extra add on and features are unlocked

· “Potential” to monetize site with Ad Words

· More free easy install themes are available for a much visually impressive website

· Site Security is handled by WordPress staff with customer support available when needed

· S E O can be monitored and enhanced by user and is also kept track of by WordPress staff to ensure site is as friendly as possible.

· Considered a great option for startup bloggers


· Lack of accuracy on domain registry in terms of a dot com

· Despite upgrading plans access to header meta tags are denied for community safety reasons

· Does not allow monetization outside of Ad Words which is their primary ad source and site must qualify first to receive access.

· With jet pack installed, there are claims online that sites may slow down, and cause a %50 percent drop off rate from search engines. Without it, who knows?

(I have and still am hosting a few sites on WordPress Dot Com, the examples are thestruggle247 Dot WordPress Dot Com, antoniowestley Dot WordPress Dot Com and alltheeabove Dot WordPress Dot Com. So, this info is provided by personal experience from an admin of WordPress since 2012)

5- Weebly Dot Com (paid) but simple


· (rare) Allows access to any monetization option that can be installed

· Simple drag and drop software allow for fast, easy and complex site design

· Great uptime for visitors worldwide

· Simple design allows for a clean appearance with extras like an editorial calendar

· Code is allowed for 3rd party add on for green lighted scripts on webpages allowing

· portals from other websites to be displayed on a webpage.

· Free and paid add on are available to help admins with site enhancement

· Simple upgrades allow for easy yearly plans with domain transfer

· Back up site available

· With subdomain Site security is handled by staff to assure safe site stabilization

· Customer service is available 24/7

· Great for first time bloggers who want a self-taught learning curb on how to become more tech intimate with their sites


· Site designs templates are extremely limited and considered a bit outdated by modern standards with lack of willingness to upgrade according to their forum

· Recent rule changes restrict admin freedoms to host certain aspects on their webpages

· If blogging or regular site hosting, then add on or 3rd party installations must be paid

· Has lack of free options on the web to build subscriber support and keyword stuffing

· Tagging posts seem to have no effect on S E O which can seem questionable in terms of gaining any traffic outside of sharing things to social media

· S E O is tied into paid service add on which appear as 3rd party instead of self hosted ones

· In order to access unlimited storage admins must pay at the cheapest $12 a month

(I hosted a blog on here before called subjectsmatter for a year and had a great experience learning the insides and out of website building, however once I realized how limited this site was for blogging I allowed my plan to run out. It seemed more geared towards eCommerce.)

Bonus: site ground (Paid)


· Unlimited website domain register

· 30 GB worth of web space per registered domain

· Provides unmetered web traffic

· They have servers that will not affect worldwide visitors to website

· Free WordPress installation with automatic updates and daily site backup

· Renewable energy which I am assuming must involve energy consumption with server space areas

· (RARE) Comes with a C D N as other options would require a free option like Cloud flare


· Only one email provided

· Only 100,000 visits allowed monthly which could cap it unlike dream host which allows for 200,000 + monthly visits before any initial upgrades may be required

· No free domain registry provided unless a domain is already owned from elsewhere otherwise it would cost $15.95

· Does not appear to offer malware protection add on like dream host

Overall Site Ground is a great option if your audience is essentially worldwide. The downside is hashing out $12 a month for their best plan compared to the cheaper options above.

Thank you for reading and hopefully this list helps with anyone looking to host their own website. There are other options out there such as cloud hosting. A few servers that connect to assure solid site performance. However, prices seem vague for these services now as programs appear to be unclear about what they charge for specifically.

nd if you happen to be looking for a way to independently host videos then you should know how limited those options really are online.

With server space being an upkeep that only dedicated sites like YouTube, Vimeo and Daily Motion can produce on a mass scale. Meaning, any host that says they can provide such things like unlimited storage is questionable and can be expensive. An example would be purchasing a monthly commercial network app for movies and wondering why titles are removed and replaced by others.

It is because even those money-making networks must watch their independent server space instead of just piling on videos and keeping them there for viewers. YouTube literally has fields to build servers upon servers to allow such mass video uploads which is why they are unique. But If that does not worry you then look up V P S hosts plans because these services on this list only provide unlimited options for normal websites not video uploading. The best way around that to save money is to just get one of these regular sites and post the videos from a YT/Vimeo or Daily Motion channel.

(If you need to help on content market strategy just focus on how to write good content and stick to specific schedules and timing. Suggestions state to target audience if eCommerce is your thing and focus on buyer persona)

Good luck!

Written by Antonio Westley

P.S. This post may contain an affiliate link, in the event of any sale I may earn a small commission at no cost to you

Writer / Illustrator / Creator for more info look me up on twitter! Mainly a novel writer but I also write critical and scary content for fun 😁

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