When it comes to the balance in the world…

I have this conversation in my head every other day and fear how society would react to returning to a more healthier Environment. The irresponsibility we’ve had dealing with climate and preserving animal life in this world has been terrible. It’s disturbing to know that animal life will be forced to endure the changes of corporate and societal ambition once again.

Like nature had a few months to enjoy this world only to have it stripped away for the sake of demand. To validate that it will be no better is to see how our rare union as a people is crumbling due to economic instability. Which I believe will only make people become more hungry for the normalcy of this behavior. Like it’s a low bar set that had become a high bar due to all we have lost.

We will never learn for this reason as distractions of our own existence prevents us from fixing things properly. With suffering comes disparity passed down from one generation to the next. To think other wise is to be an idealist in a world that isn’t afforded the time to look around. If only people had the room to think with out having so much to worry about.

Which is clearly a systematic problem that should have been addressed by now.

So, I suppose if we fix the suffering problem then and only then will society at large be in a better position to see the “smaller problems” of the world…

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