Yeah, seo really isn’t what it used to be. One thing I think most people also over look is the idea of providing easy access to their content. So considering creating an app for smartphones would be viable if you can handle the workload of keeping it active with daily content. I had one set up for my personal writing site and it did spike my readership. The plus side is there are platforms that allow free uploads of some ones app. So it’s not impossible but even better if you can get on places like google play or the Apple store.

Better to be in control of what your doing which I think is what’s key in building support. Having an app to host everything you do online just seems more practical these days. So if writers can use your guide combined with that idea then sky’s the limit.

Thanks for sharing your tips buddy, I connected from Wordpress if you didn’t notice. Who thought I’d find another fellow medium member! 😁

Writer / Illustrator / Creator for more info look me up on twitter! Mainly a novel writer but I also write critical and scary content for fun 😁

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